Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Success Is Yours, Yours Is Mine. (Length: 623 words)

First Works
The first stories and essays I wrote twenty years ago still stand as terrible, uninspired examples. I knew they were bad, so I determined to learn to write great purely from books and practice. Is that possible? It is if you find the right people.

No One Can Make You Great
No one can _make_ you a great writer
. However, there are those who reveal truths in such a way that it stokes the fires of greatness that already burn within you. Find those people.

Obviously, I'm still unknown, but it is possible that I am a great writer (you can decide for yourself by reading my blogs). If I am a great writer (or even moderately good) then you too have the hope of becoming a great writer.

Does all of this sound extremely arrogant? I understand how it would.

My Past Writing : Perfectly Terrible
My point is not that I'm a great writer, but rather that my writing was so perfectly terrible. If my writing has transformed, then the worst writers among us can expect the same of their work. If. Yes, if.

Two ifs, actually:
1. If you believe.
2. If you work.

Belief Changes Slower Than Knowledge
It has taken me 20 years to believe, but far less time to actually learn.

That's because there are only two writing problems:
1. Emotional
2. Technical

Technical : Six To Twelve Months
I suggest that you could learn to write at a professional level in six to twelve months. You could learn the technical. But, I'm assuming you focus and determine nothing will stop you from obtaining the result of great writing. Nothing. Not even the emotional.

Emotional Package
The emotional includes the intense connection you have to the words of your previously written pieces. You must allow the fires of greatness to burn away any chaff.
Even at the risk of great emotional pain.

How long will that take? Only a moment. Or, a lifetime. I cannot say. Only you can answer that question.

How We Answer A Question Reveals Our True Selves
What if someone guaranteed you writing success in six months, but required serious work?

For example:
1. No television.
2. Always either writing or reading (specific materials).
3. Produce 2000 words a day, every day, no matter what.

Would it be worth the sacrifice?
Consider how you really feel about the requirements? Should feelings have significance here? You desire a goal. If your emotions get in the way of the goal, shouldn't you be unmoved by your emotions? If you want the goal, shouldn't you simply submit to the discipline?

Not Fame and Fortune
Also, please note, I did not say fame and fortune. Fame and fortune are something entirely different than writing success.

Great Writing
Great writing is great writing no matter what. Great writing is the type of success I am discussing here.

Fame and Fortune Are Fickle
Remember, fame and fortune are fickle and smile upon the ignorant as often as they do the intelligent.

My Point?
If you want a shot at fame and fortune, go buy a lottery ticket.

If you want to transform into a great writer, do the things that great writers do.

Emotional Stretch
Determine to take action, even if those actions will stretch you emotionally.

Specific Actions
What specific actions should you take?
1. Find the people who stoke your fire
2. Believe
3. Work hard - do the things that great writers do

Who are the people?
How do I transform my beliefs?
What do great writers do?

Those are the questions I am currently working to answer (for myself and others) on my blogs.
Am I succeeding?

1. - The Writer's Invisible Mentor (learn to mentor yourself)
2. - Learn to write great while examining the beginnings of 100 published novels.
3. Original articles on Creativity and Writing along with belief
4. Original serialized stories
5. Original flash fiction, written for fun and example

What do you think? Are you in?
Keep on learning, keep on writing.

~Newton Saber

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