Thursday, July 29, 2010

[No] Barriers to Creativity

Creation From Nothing
Imagine if simply thinking about your novel could cause it to spring fully-formed from your forehead. If it were possible, then there would be no barriers to our creativity. You'd just think and your novel would appear in your hands. Of course, that's just as big of a myth as Athena and her birth from Zeus' forehead .

The Physical World
Simply thinking does not create anything physical. To get something physical, such as a book, we have to do something physical. In our case we have to use our mental energies of creation to take physical action to write.

Physical Barriers
The problem is that when we do something physical, we are challenged by physical barriers.

The more barriers we have the more likely we are to quit.

Okay, so we can't just think our novel into existence. That's out.
But, how can we eliminate the most barriers to our creativity. One way would be to remove the number of physical things we have to interact with.

Scratchy Stick
For example, I could get a stick and scratch out my ideas in the dirt.
That's not very permanent though.

Notebooks Are Cheap
Obviously, I can grab a notebook and a pen and write my entire book using only those low-tech tools.

That definitely eliminates some barriers because now I have fewer requirements than when I use a computer (Electricity, Typing ability, Operating System installed, etc.)
[* Stick with me here, I'm not a luddite (merriam-webster luddite) and I'm using a computer to write this. *]

Distractions Are Also Barriers
Using only paper and pen would definitely get rid of some distractions too.
Distractions are often barriers to creativity. One of the biggest distraction generators is obviously the computer and all of those wonderful tools.

Computer Distraction
The computer provides more distractions in the form of entertainment than almost any other tool in the world and yet there are a plethora of benefits to using a computer. [* Yes! I worked the word plethora into conversation.*]

Speed Benefits
I can type much faster than I can write, so I can almost keep up with my thinking. That actually helps alleviate some of the barriers to creativity.

Maintaining A Computer Can Be A Barrier
However, there are also quite a few barriers the computer creates, because I have to do so much work to maintain it.

Power Up, Updates, Upgrades
I hate turning my computer on and waiting for all the updates, virus checking, upgrades and all that. Sometimes I just want switch the thing on and start writing.

That's why I originally bought my AlphaSmart. (AlphaSmart Neo typing device).

Once the computer is started, I still have to start the word processor and that takes quite a while also.

Word Processor Barriers
This is where I am driving with this article. Since most of us are going to put up with the distractions and barriers that the computer forces upon us, we are going to use word processors.

Eliminate Word Processor Barrier
The word processor barrier is the one I determined to beat. I figured if I could even beat this one barrier to my creativity, I would be greatly helped.

Files and Folders Waste My Time
Have you ever had a great idea that you wanted to capture on your computer real quick?

That's when you come face to face with all those barriers. You have to get the word processor started. Then once you type it all in you have to save it. But, when you go to save the thing you have to decide where to put the file. Put it in the wrong place and you'll never find it again.

Then even after you decide where you'll place it, you have to decide upon a name for the file. Name it poorly and you have great difficulty finding it again, because later it doesn't make sense that you named it that.

Remove the Word Processor Barrier
That's why I wrote the DailyJournal software. It starts fast, can be installed and run from a Flash (thumb/USB) drive, so I can take it anywhere and it provides a search capability.

There are only two instructions to use the DailyJournal
1.) Start it.
2.) Type

You don't even have to think of a file name. It does that for you.
It stores your data according to the date. Yes, you can have as many entries per day as you want and it will name the files and save them for you.

Not A Word Processor (More and Less)
You could write your entire book in the DailyJournal. You can format text and all that, but it's really for daily writing and organizing. Then, if you want to you can right-click in the daily journal and tell it to open the entry with your main word processor (MS-Word, OpenOffice, etc.).

I provide the DailyJournal for FREE, More about this below.

Snapshot Functionality
It also provides a snapshot functionality that allows you to grab an image of anything on your screen, even video stills. As long as the DailyJournal is running you just press Ctrl-Shift-J, your cursor will turn into a + (crosshair) and then you drag it to create the area you want to copy. Easy as that. Then you paste the image wherever you want.

Check it out at my web site:
Download the installation package at:

Why Would I Provide It For Free?
Well, I do ask for PayPal donations. See my web site.
2. And also, I figure if you help people then it'll all come back around.
3. Plus, remember my name, Newton Saber, because I'm writing books and I want you to buy them when they're available.

So, check it out and I am sure you'll find that it is a great for helping you remove some barriers to your creativity. If nothing else, it will encourage you to write every day.
It's also a great way to track what you did and when.

~Newton Saber
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