Thursday, September 9, 2010

Enhance Your Productivity & Creativity

The introduction to my forthcoming book, Do It Today: An Action Plan for Enhanced Productivity & Creativity is now available for download.
eBook Versions
The book is available as a Kindle book (click here) and a PDF (click here) --Adobe Reader document. You can click the links to download the book or get it from my web site:

Keep on learning, keep on writing.
~Newton Saber
100 Beginnings for Fiction Writers analysis of 100 novels and how we (as writers) learn from them.
The Writer's Invisible Mentor My writing project about writing and learning to write
Saber Slice: More on Creativity and Writing

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  1. I read the book from you website, love the quotes and motivation to live at a higher level!!!

    Tobin Crenshaw